I’m making a game!

HOLE 9 FROM OUTER SPACE is a Twitch-integrated mini golf game with a fun sci-fi theme! Currently in development. Check out my blog and Twitter feed for periodic updates and new screenshots!

Play mini golf on the moon!

Play on a variety of courses on the Moon, Mars, and mysterious alien planets! Avoid deadly lasers and navigate complex courses with twisted gravity!

Get harassed by your Twitch viewers!

Connect your game to your Twitch channel to let viewers change gravity, make you shoot your ball backwards, or turn everyone’s balls into random shapes!


Keep up with development on my blog or Twitter feed!

I’ll be using this site to post updates on my progress as well as blogging about some of the tools and techniques I’m using in Unreal Engine 4. It’s a fascinating process and maybe I can help some other beginning indie devs avoid some of the pitfalls!