Screenshot Saturday: Dec 23, 2017


Dev Talk: El Cheapo Glass Material

They always say not to prematurely optimize. With everyone advising against it so much, it must be pretty fun, right?

Screenshot Saturday: Dec 9, 2017

Damn, I was hoping to get some work done more quickly after setting up the website. Still need to do more… everything. I’ve got some more of the Moon map done: You start in a comfy habitat, but a crash landing quickly sucks you out onto the lunar surface!

What is Hole 9 From Outer Space?

Believe it or not, this all started as a personal project to understand multiplayer/networking in Unreal Engine 4. I’m usually fiddling with any number of small projects in and out of UE4 at any given time, and originally, there weren’t any plans to make Hole 9 anything more than just another small project.

A Blog!

So I’ve just taken a few important steps in Hole 9 From Outer Space‘s development. I’ve finally decided on a name, so that I’m not just calling it “That mini golf game I’m making in UE4” – which means now I can get a domain name, set up this blog, and do all that other hype-generating stuff that I should have done long ago!