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So I’ve just taken a few important steps in Hole 9 From Outer Space‘s development. I’ve finally decided on a name, so that I’m not just calling it “That mini golf game I’m making in UE4” – which means now I can get a domain name, set up this blog, and do all that other hype-generating stuff that I should have done long ago! How does the logo look?

This all comes with this weird feeling – something akin to “I’m actually doing this now, I’m going to make a game, it’s not just another project I’m going to abandon and forget about”. Up until now the only evidence of Hole 9‘s existence has been a few #ScreenshotSaturday tweets and some questions on the UE4 forums – setting up a website, something with more permanence, makes this all seem more “official” now.

This is also my first experience designing a website (in this case, a WordPress theme). I hope it looks decent. If I’ve missed anything glaringly obvious, don’t hesitate to point it out!

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