Screenshot Saturday: Dec 9, 2017

(Posting a Screenshot Saturday update on a Sunday, woohooo #FirstWorldAnarchists)

Damn, I was hoping to get some work done more quickly after setting up the website. Still need to do more… everything. I’ve got some more of the Moon map done: You start in a comfy habitat, but a crash landing quickly sucks you out onto the lunar surface!

I’m still not sure about the rocks/clutter in this crater. There’s always the chance that I decide it looks like crap and redo the entire thing.

And, I made a couple minor things just for flavor. It wouldn’t be a golf game without a cute signpost telling you the hole number and par score:

The signposts don’t support speedrun mode yet – where you’re judged on time (in seconds) rather than number of strokes – but that’s just a 5-minute tweak involving string formatting. 🙂

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